Game Development Editing

Maybe you’re already a fan of game-based learning and you’re taking the next step of writing your own games! That process can feel daunting; how do you capture the ideas in your head in a way that others can understand? We can help.

Our development editor will sit down with you and review:

  • What you’ve got so far
  • Where you want to take it
  • The things that are most important to you about your game

We’ll research house styles and formats of your preferred outlet so you don’t have to. Then we’ll get your game in shape, adding best practices that are supported by empirical research while remaining true to your vision. The end result will be a game draft that takes you beyond the tyranny of the blank page and gets you that much closer to publication. You remain the primary author throughout the process, with progress check-ins as frequent as you want. Most development editor work can be done in 30 days!

Games We’ve Helped With


  • Usually within the limits of professional development grants
  • Billed in a way that works for you
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Header: Photo by Suzy Hazelwood:, licensed for free use.