Help your students experience your subject, not just read about it.

Students are powerfully transported to another time and place, smack in the middle of a crisis. Assuming a historical figure’s identity, they must make real-time decisions as would have taken place in that period. They learn how to navigate government bureaucracies, with insufficient information, high-stakes diplomatic negotiations, and nation-state power imbalances. And they realize that nothing in the past was predetermined, but that people acted and made decisions based on what they knew and what was going on at the time.

With games, students learn to do the same.

An entirely new way to teach and learn

42EdGames uses the proven pedagogy of game-based learning to provide a powerful active learning experience for students. This immersive, highly engaging approach to learning enables students to successfully grasp difficult concepts and develop a deeper sense of historical understanding than is possible through traditional text-and-lecture methods.

Within a game, students experience:

  • a specific time and place, from the social, political and technological climate to weather and topography
  • the risks and consequences associated with decisions and actions
  • a more meaningful perspective on historical events
  • a more thorough understanding of historical context

As affordable as it is fun

For the price of a standard professional development conference, you gain a personalized, highly-engaging teaching tool which you can use indefinitely to inspire and educate years of students. You will also receive extensive coaching from Ray Kimball, who helps you choose the most targeted game for your specific curriculum, or he can custom-design one for you.